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Hancocks is the first national confectionery specialist to provide a UK click and collect service

Hancocks has welcomed “a strong initial uptake” for its click and collect service, which it says has made shopping easier for customers.

The wholesaler has already seen 10% of ecommerce customers connect with the service, said IB Group CEO Wayne Beedle.

Hancocks became the first national confectionery specialist to provide a UK click and collect service when it launched in December.

Originally introduced in the North of England, the service has now been rolled out across Hancocks’ 20 cash and carry depots in England, Scotland and Wales.

Customers have full access to Hancocks’ product range, which includes pick & mix, big brands, snacks, American confectionery, and its popular Crazy Candy factory range.

“By offering the service nationwide our customers can take advantage of our locations and collect their stock seven days a week,” said Beedle.

“A visit to our stores will also give customers access to additional offers and a chance to see the latest innovations in confectionery.

“With our new service, our customers can now see at a glance what they want and where they can get it, bringing increased efficiency to the buying process and crucially freeing up their valuable time - an important advantage when you’re running a business.”

Hancocks currently offers more than 5,000 SKUs, recording £124.2m in turnover and £7m in operating profits for the year ending 31 December 2016.

It was acquired by American wholesaler Innovative Bites last April in a deal worth about £100m.