Morrisons has come out top in an analysis of more than 100,000 tweets about the online services of the big four, Ocado, Waitrose and M&S.

Morrisons had the best ratio of positive to negative tweets, closely followed by Ocado, according to the Twitter survey from data research company Spectrum Insight.

“Morrisons and Ocado are the best-performing grocery service and by quite a significant margin,” said Spectrum Insight director Mark Westaby. “It’s not really surprising that Morrisons and Ocado are so close because, of course, both services are provided by the latter.”

Waitrose had the third-best ratio, improving its position significantly from April onwards. After Christmas, it faced negative comments from customers unable to secure delivery slots.

M&S was the worst performer. Initial social media reaction to its new-look website, which launched in February, was positive, but that quickly changed.

“After just a few weeks, from the end of March onwards, it’s been highly criticised,” said Westaby. “A number of people have said that they haven’t been able to use it with Google Chrome.”