scorder app

A new on-demand shopping app aims to become the Uber of grocery ordering.

Scorder, a Manchester-based start-up company, allows customers to shop and view delivery time-slots from all the major mults at once with one smartphone app account.

Natwest, KPMG and EMC have backed the business, which has worked with Sainsbury’s and is in discussions with Asda, Ocado, Tesco and Waitrose.

Targeted at time-poor, convenience-seeking shoppers, the app allows shoppers to swap supermarkets based on a cheaper overall basket price or more convenient time-slot once they have chosen their items. There will be a 50p commission per order, with enabled payments from PayPal and Stripe.

“Presently 74% of shoppers who buy their ‘big’ shop online do so for convenience; however, only 33% rate their experience as satisfactory, the main complaint being having to wait in for deliveries,” said Scorder founder JJ Rathour.

“The purpose of the app is to enable shoppers to see all the available delivery slots, then place their order with whichever retailer can deliver it at a time most convenient to the shopper.”

Scorder also plans to break into the convenience market and encourage symbols to charge for deliveries and collect order, payment and delivery details through the app automatically. “Our research indicates that this same group of shoppers is seeking a convenient way of buying their ‘top-up’ shop also,” said Rathour. “We are yet to discuss the potential of the platform with local convenience stores as they do not yet have a delivery network but progressive store owners might find that having a driver delivering between 6-8pm within a one mile radius of their store might prove a useful additional revenue stream.”