Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh and Gousto in recipe ‘face-off’ after launching new menus on same day

Both HelloFresh and recipe box competitor Gousto chose the same day to launch new menus this week, including dishes designed for speedy preparation.

HelloFresh launched a new Preferences Menu, catering for ‘dietary needs’ including vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free, plus a ‘rapid’ option, designed to be prepared in 20 minutes.

The firm launched the range at an event attended by HelloFresh CEO Claire Davenport at its headquarters near Old Street in London on Tuesday.

The same day, Gousto announced a new Ten to Table range of meals designed to be prepared in 10 minutes.

HelloFresh’s new range also includes fish-free, pork-free, low-calorie and a ‘chef’s choice’ option.

Davenport said: “We’ve listened to our customers’ increasing demand for tailored recipes and more varied meal plans to help keep dinnertime exciting and dynamic.”

She added: “We will be adding more dietary and personalisation options throughout the next twelve months as we focus on delivering the very best for our customers.”

Gousto’s CEO and founder Timo Boldt said: “Gousto offers the leading customer value proposition. Offering 20-minute meals years before our meal-kit market competitors, we’ve taken speedy mealtimes one step further with the introduction of Ten to Table - 10-minute meals from prepping to eating.”