The Gander App

Source: Gander

UK-based yellow sticker alert app Gander is expanding internationally, with a launch this month in Australia.

Gander has partnered with Antipodean retailers Spano’s IGA and Country Grocers to bring the reduced-to-clear notification solution to stores in Queensland and Victoria.

The app works by displaying clearance food products for local shoppers the moment stickers are applied. Gander integrates with the retailer’s point of sale system, so any time a product is reduced or sold, the app updates in real time. This ensures retailers and consumers have “an instant feed of all markdowns on the shelves at any time” Gander said.

“Typically, retailers have to rely on shoppers sporadically finding a markdown in store while preoccupied with their shopping. Therefore, on average, less than half of the food marked down in stores is sold, leaving the rest to become surplus,” said Tim Brown, one of the founders of Gander Australia.

“For retailers, reduced food can cost them up to 7% of their turnover. At a time when margins are being squeezed, this is revenue sitting on their shelves that local shoppers would love to buy, they just don’t know it’s there,” Brown added.

Having first launched in the UK in 2019, Gander has already proven a success in over 500 stores in the UK – among them Nisa Local, Spar, Eurospar, and Co-op – saving 25 million food items from becoming waste in store.

The platform last month announced the appointment of former Asda CEO Andy Clarke as a non-executive director.

“With soaring food prices and a widespread cost of living crisis, the Gander platform presents a strong opportunity for shoppers to revolutionise their regular food bills,” Clarke said. “It also helps retailers to substantially reduce food waste and financial losses.”