Smiths News has launched a time-saving smartphone app that enables its retail customers to link to its ordering system and simplifies the way they manage orders.

As it links with the Smiths News SAP system, retailers can make instant updates via the app, make claims for missing titles or credits, change orders, search for titles via a barcode scan, as well as view their supply and sales history.

The app will also share news on sales opportunities. The newstrade wholesaler said it would save retailers time by cutting the number of calls they would have to make to Smiths News.

It has set up a dedicated customer services team for the app, enabling retailers to troubleshoot queries. The existing telephone-based system will remain in place for retailers not using SNapp.

SNapp had been designed to give retailers control and flexibility, said Jonathan Bunting MD Connect News & Media (the new name for Smiths News plc) “So far, feedback has been really positive. I’m certain retailers who decide to use SNapp will find it quick, easy and convenient.

The app was developed in part because Smiths research showed 58% of its independent customers currently had a smartphone and a further 10% would buy one if they could use an app to manage their news and magazines business.

A panel of key retail customers helped inform how the app should operate and what features it should include. Retailers also provided ideas that had not been included at launch, and it planned to begin work on these later this year once the rollout had been completed, Smiths added.

SNapp is available to download free for Apple and Android phones; developed by Keytree, Smiths News said the app had been 10 months in the making.