More than 150 suppliers and retailers have signed up for mySupermarket’s latest online insight tool in the three weeks since launch.

Users can access up-to-date shopper spending trends at any time, thanks to the real-time sales and market share data available through the mySupermarket Insights service.

Tesco and Asda have signed up to the service, as have suppliers such as Danone, Nestlé, Tetley, L’Oréal, Reckitt Benckiser and McCain.

The instant demand for the tool was “proof” marketers were after real-time information to “target the online shopper,” said mySupermarket chief executive Gilad Simhony.

“Where previously the fmcg sector has had to settle for post-seasonal information, brands, manufacturers, retailers, analysts and marketers can now track key data in real-time using the mySupermarket Insights tool,” he added.

Users could prove sales uplift was related to campaigns or investigate how entire categories were performing, he said.

The tool also allows users to compare campaigns at 11 different retailers, including the big four, Waitrose, Aldi, Ocado and Iceland. There are also plans to add Lidl.