tesco new website

Tesco is gearing up to roll out a new version of its online grocery site that will deliver a “new look and feel” for customers as well as being responsive.

Key improvements will also include a new and improved search function, which Tesco said had already been tested successfully on its apps and which would ensure customers could find products more easily.

With the new design, search and multi-search facilities will always visible at the top of a web page to stop customers having to do so much scrolling. Tesco has also ramped up the “left hand navigation” options to allow faster and more comprehensive filtering of products, with many more products pictured in grid view.

The new design will be rolled out on mobile first, before being extended to laptop and tablet versions later in the year. Tesco said it had already started trialling the new design with a small number of mobile customers in order to gather feedback.

“We’re starting with mobile web as we know that this is increasingly an important channel for our customers,” said a spokesman. “The new site is currently being used by a proportion of our mobile customers, so that we can gain early feedback and data to inform how customers are responding to the new changes. This will enable us to plan how rapidly we roll out to all our mobile web customers and identify opportunities for future enhancements.”

Moving to a responsive design would ensure “the customer experience will be optimised for the particular screen size”, the spokesman added. This would enable customers to have access to “the same helpful features across their smartphone, tablet and desktop”.

The new site will be a global template, “so regardless of whether a customer is in Thailand, Poland or any of our other international markets they will benefit from the same advancements,” said the spokesman.

“We’re also making changes behind the scenes to ensure we can make improvements to our website faster, bringing new opportunities for us to work with our partners and deliver a better experience for our customers,” he added.