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Italian food specialist Pasta Evangelists is proving the power of omnichannel. Its latest financial results show revenues have nearly doubled since the brand was sold to Barilla in January 2021.

In October, the fresh pasta brand’s first full accounts showed revenues in the period to 31 December 2021 hit £19.3m, marking pro rata growth of 86% from the 266-day period to 14 January 2021. It’s the kind of numbers any brand would celebrate.

However, Pasta Evangelists warned sales in the DTC channel – its original route to market – were slowing in 2022.

The brand is therefore focusing on expanding in other channels. To cater for the takeaway market, customers can now order hot, ready-to-eat pasta via Deliveroo, from 40 kitchens across the UK.

On the retail side, too, the brand is growing, with SKUs available on Ocado and Gorillas.

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Italian food specialist Pasta Evangelists is proving the power of omnichannel

It is confident in its premium position, despite the economic turmoil. “We know consumers look to find different ways to save,” says Georgina Irwin, head of range, retail & channel development at Pasta Evangelists. “For many, they will still want the restaurant experience as a ‘special occasion’, but they will shift to creating that experience at home.”

To that end, the brand has launched occasion-based giftable feasts to offer convenience and “taste discovery” (p48).

Meanwhile, it is helping to make the experience more affordable by working to reduce packaging and logistics costs. “We are a premium brand, but this is pasta, not diamonds, we’re selling,” says CEO Alessandro Savelli.

Such moves mean the brand is expecting to grow by around 30% this year, despite the decline in its DTC revenues.

“This year we should be the biggest pasta brand in the UK by revenues, which we are very proud of, becoming leaders in the category after only starting the business six years ago,” says Savelli.

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