It’s tricky to prove without getting a slap in the face, but you probably can’t walk down the street without passing a woman whose bosom has been ‘amplified’ a bra size or two by the wonders of modern technology.

But the phrase ‘surgically enhanced’ could soon be a thing of the past if Gary Michael – inspirational creator of Bust Up Gum – has his way. No, this is not some surgical tape. It’s a chewing gum and apparently it contains a natural breast-enhancing herb called pueraria mirifica.

Blogof is reliably informed that this is not the Latin for puerile miracle – though it sounds suspiciously close indeed. Michael claims 90% of his customers are satisfied with the results. And who are we to doubt his seriousness? “It has generated phenomenal interest and I now get orders from women – and men – from all over the world,” he crowed. “It’s not a gimmick; all of my customers take this very seriously.”

So, now you know what treat to stock at the checkout. Just don’t bring any home for girlfriends or wives. You may be risking a bust-up of your own if she doesn’t appreciate the gesture.