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The Chancellor was always going to find it tough to pull fluffy rabbits out of a threadbare hat, and while a reduction in fuel duty will relieve a little pressure from the booming oil price over the past 12 months, consumer confidence has taken a bashing.

With families set to absorb a lot of pain with the increase in VAT and national insurance next month, offsetting the extra £3-a-week in consumer pockets from tax allowances, retailers remain concerned about the outlook.

As a Budget for Growth, however, we were encouraged by the measures to ease planning restrictions. The onus is now on planning authorities to promote jobs and sustainable growth.

There were also measures to help get young people into employment and, as the UK's largest trainer of apprentices, we welcome this. We are running a pilot scheme to provide jobs to former homeless people.

And helping young people build a career is one of the ways that we - and the grocery sector in general - is contributing to the Big Society. I am a fan of the Big Society vision. It's a pity the government has found it hard to articulate that vision - not helped by a difficult brand name.

Had they talked more specifically about volunteering and the need for individuals and businesses like ours to get involved in community projects, it may have been better understood.

Of course, as grocers, our most important social purpose is to provide healthy, tasty food at affordable prices to millions. And it is alarming to learn that the young and the poor increasingly regard fruit and veg as "too pricey" following recent price hikes. I suspect the perception doesn't always match the reality. Especially when promotions such as our current 30p fruit and veg lines are factored in.

And while the Chancellor's Budget was restricted, in terms of tricks, we are committed, 100%, to pleasing the crowds, while helping balance the budgets of households across the country.

Guest editor Dalton Philips is chief executive of Morrisons.