Remember Horsham c-store owner John O'Sullivan, who hit on the cunning ruse of using humorous fake headlines on his news stand to attract punters? A bit like the Express printing all those hilarious spoof stories about the assassination of Princess Diana.

It backfired when O'Sullivan was threatened with arrest after calling women from nearby Crawley "pitbulls". But that hasn't stopped him pursuing a second career as a stand-up comic, with pun-heavy show Newsagent Provocateur.

Luckily, 'celebrity' hasn't led Sussex's answer to Ricky Gervais to forget his roots. All proceeds from the show will go to a local school.

"I thought the Africans have had enough already and my money from the show would barely cover Lenny Henry's flight and five-star hotel," O'Sullivan says on his website. "I didn't wanna give it to Cancer Research as they always seem to be selling smelly clothes and I have never in all my years seen an old bint in the shop with a white jacket doing any research."

If you're able to tolerate much, much more of the same the show debuts next February at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham.