It looks like our special friends across the Atlantic are gearing up to get rid of junk food from schools. But they don't do things by halves do they?

Last week, activists wheeled out Hollywood comedy star Chevy Chase, who testified in favour of forcing schools to serve healthy food in front of the House Education and Labor Committee's sub-committee on Healthy Families and Communities (Wikipedia tells me this mouthful is something to do with the US Congress).

So, the Yanks get Chase - star of hit movies such as Fletch and National Lampoon's European Vacation (a personal favourite of Bogof's) - and we get Jamie Oliver.

Mrs Bogof is rather fond of the flabby-lipped Mockney oaf, so I shall resist the temptation to label him a comedian.

But it did get me thinking about who we might enlist from the world of British comedy to the anti-junk food cause.

The very appropriately-named Roy "Chubby" Brown springs to mind. Or Dawn French - she was good enough for the Food Standards Agency's traffic lights campaign, after all.

Personally, Bogof would like to see the job of kicking our nation of bloated schoolchildren into shape given to Fatfighter's Marjorie Dawes, star of Little Britain.

Marjorie's top tips for losing weight include: "You can eat as much dust as you like, because dust is low-fat," and "Because it's half the calories, you can eat twice as much."

It's this kind of common sense the whole health debate has been lacking, don't you agree? Just think - Marjorie Dawes as the government's obesity tsar.