We were pleased to see your coverage about the Waste Resources Action Programme's Courtauld Commitment ('Another lash for Labour's favourite whipping boy', 18 November).

We believe that the industry should see the environmental challenge as an opportunity to lead by example.

The strength of the Courtauld Commitment, which Northern Foods signed last week as one of the first three food manufacturing signatories, is its assumption that waste is an industry-wide issue that can, and should, be tackled collectively.

That perspective resonates with our approach at Northern Foods. We seek to provide assurances across our operations, through initiatives ranging from animal welfare policies and integrity of ingredient sourcing through to better waste and energy management.

Recycling cooking oil into bio-fuels is one such initiative, as is the carbon footprinting we are currently undertaking.

Critically we believe the approach is as much about good business as it is about fulfilling our corporate responsibility.

For example, landfill costs are set to rise, so by reducing our waste we can also manage our costs. Our work with Wrap, in collaboration with customers, has already resulted in the development of award-winning biodegradable packaging.

Our experience of this collaborative approach confirms that the industry can work collectively to tackle the supply chain issues. We are proud to be a signatory.