The scratch-cooking revolution continues apace! Now a new book is set to oust the hardback gospels of Jamie and Delia from kitchen shelves.

Despite its title, The Takeaway Secret is not a Dan Brown potboiler about what sort of meat that really is in your local kebab shop. It's not by Brown for a start penned instead by self-proclaimed "fast food enthusiast" Kenny McGovern although it does involve an epic quest.

It took McGovern eight years to complete his tome of recipes for countless greasy-fingered favourites ranging from sweet and sour chicken balls to the rather novel doner calzone.

The book even includes tips on making your very own 'special burger sauce', that life-giving elixir of the takeaway aficionado. Without giving too much away, it turns out you can replicate the pink stuff that tastes of ketchup, mayonnaise and gherkins by mixing together ketchup, mayonnaise and gherkins. And for that extra kick of mustard, add some mustard. Amazing!

Is this the end of the high-street takeaway? Well, maybe not, as for a lot of folks surely the whole point is that you don't have to cook it yourself. But it's nice to have the option at three in the morning.