Buyers heading to the Organic & Natural Products stands will find food and drink that meets current demand for foods with added health benefits.

Alara Wholefoods will be ­launching the first muesli with organic, gluten-free and Fairtrade certification, packaged in a brown paper bag.

The Active range combines superfoods and slow-releasing grains such as ­quinoa and buckwheat. Varieties include fruit, seed and spice with cinnamon, diced prunes, pumpkin seeds and linseeds.

Another supplier in this section is Pertwood Organic. The company produces a range of organic muesli and porridge oats, and it also has ­cereal ranges called Crunchy and Barley Crisp, in original, cocoa or ­maple syrup flavours.

Carrot, apple & beetroot or pomegranate, red grape & blackberry are just two combinations from the Twisted organic juice range from The Big Squeeze Company.

RDA Organic will be displaying organic drinks. The amount of juice in one bottle of RDA Organic represents four or five pieces of fruit providing the body's full recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.

NatSnack will be showing a line of organic natural drinks, including a family of coconut-based juices in ­coconut cream, coconut milk, banana and pineapple flavours.

The market for herbal tea is increasing and buyers will find plenty to wet their whistles including Birt & Tang's new range of organic flower teas in flavours such as magnolia and osmanthus.

Convenience is still a priority for consumers and suppliers are adapting their offers accordingly. Organico ­Realfoods is showcasing quick and easy quinoa in a bag that can be ­microwaved in a few minutes. Other convenience ­products include a ready mixed ­salmon and pea risotto.

The Snack Organic range under the Forest Feast umbrella will also be on display. The line-up offers eight single- portion packs of organically produced dried fruit and nut combinations.

Organic boxes will be promoted by the Leicestershire-based Windmill Organics, which will be displaying ­details of its grocery delivery schemes for food, non-food and flowers. ­Buyers can also find additional ­information about the Soil Association and the ­Organic Food Federation in this section over the course of the week. n