company: James White
price: £2.59 per 75cl bottle

?Bottled in glass with a foil covered screw cap, the label has a simple illustration designed to invoke farm shop brands. The aroma is of old apples with a slight berry smell, the juice cloudy with a dull colour and the flavour bitter, slightly metallic and tastes oxidised. There is a dryness to the finish, but no real evidence of any pomegranate flavour. Priced at £2.59 this is definitely one to avoid, no matter how good it is for you.
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

?The packaging is not as eye catching as it could be, although it does a good job of conveying its organic, almost home made quality. I found the juice a bit too sweet, although the smell was lovely - really rich and caramel-like. The next time I throw a lunch or dinner party, I will definitely consider buying this juice. I would recommend watering it down a little to achieve the best flavour - this also makes the price very competitive. It was nice to enjoy a drink which I feel assured has health credentials.
Belinda Bowen, office executive, Bristol

Overall verdict...28/50

Company: Twinings
Launch Price : 89p
Today&'s Price: 89p
Acid test verdict: 35/50

When Twinings decided to throw its brand into cold climates by launching a six-strong range of iced teas, it was hoping to build on what was then a small, but growing category. However, in the year since the launch the market has turned and is now in decline, down 24.3% year-on-year [ACNielsen]. Having failed to make a splash, Iced Tea&'s performance is in line with this. Still, the firm has not given up on the range. "There is a great opportunity to realise the potential of the market, as experienced with the ­continued growth in Europe and the US," according to a spokesman.

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Twinings Iced Tea