seewoo fresh fish

Oriental food retailer Seewoo has expanded and refurbished its London Chinatown store.

The retailer, which also has stores in Greenwich and Glasgow, has extended into the adjacent building and expanded the refrigerated offer by adding fresh meat, fish and live fish tanks to the store.

Eco-friendly Ultra Refrigeration equipment was installed throughout to reduce noise levels and allow customisable temperatures for different areas of the store.

“The fish display was at the forefront of the project,” said an Ultra Refrigeration spokeswoman. “Investment in technology and plant equipment ensures reliability, longevity, and minimal energy and operating costs.”

Supplier, Delta Refrigeration MD Simon Robinson added, “See Woo has been one of our customers for many years now, and we have supplied refrigerated display cabinets to their Cash and Carries in Glasgow and Greenwich, and to the See Woo Café in Paddington,”

”We supplied them with fresh meat and fish counters, bespoke stainless steel preparation tables, chopping blocks and macerators. We phased the installations over a number of nights, due to the difficult access to Chinatown’s Lisle Street. Plus, the store has low ceilings, so we provided the Kalifornia 300 H1950 multi decks, which is under 2m with a very slim footprint for the display of dairy and pre-packed meat products.”