Ostrich is set to move from expensive niche product to affordable everyday meat with a new range of free-range ostrich meats that's 20% cheaper than beef.

Meat wholesaler DB Foods is launching the Mossell Bay ostrich products in a bid to make ostrich meat "a real alternative to everyday meat".

Unlike ostrich products available through specialist butchers, which can charge more than £3 for two burgers, the products carry an rsp of about 20% less than an equivalent beef cut.

The company is also keen to stress the health credentials of ostrich meat a fillet contains 21.3g of protein and 0.8g of fat per 100g, whereas beef fillet has 19g and 5.9g respectively.

DB Foods CEO Ben Bayer said the meat was more tender than UK-sourced ostrich because the bigger South African farms could be more selective about the cuts used. DB Foods presented Mossell Bay at this week's IFE.