The ‘other spreads’ category has a diverse sales picture across the multiples, with peanut butter and chocolate spread volatile in their popularity. Marmite remains a strong favourite, however

There have been few new entrants in the ‘other spreads’ sector, which is dominated by Marmite, peanut butter and lemon curd, in the past year.
There has, however, been innovation as manufacturers respond to market trends.
For example, Premier Foods will launch a new Sun-Pat Organic crunchy peanut butter variant early this year in response to the increase in consumer demand for organics.
In the Co-operative Group’s stores, peanut butter and chocolate spread are growing at the expense of lemon curd, according to Judith Sinclair-Smith, category marketing manager. And own label is playing a major part in driving these sales, she says.
At Tesco, Kate Pratt, buyer for jams and spreads, says chocolate spreads also continue to show strong value growth year-on-year. In contrast, peanut butter is in decline.
Chocolate spreads have
experienced a bit of a downturn at Waitrose according to Michael Simpson-Jones, the buyer for hot beverages and breakfast spreads. “This could be as a result of parents’ fears about overweight children,” he says. He believes convenient formats of these products, with a focus on health, are key to driving sales.
Marmite, he adds, continues to perform well.
To extend Marmite eating occasions, Cheryl Calverly, Marmite brand manager at Unilever UK Foods, suggests cross-merchandising items such as bread and rolls next to spreads, preserves and sandwich fillers such as cheese and pickle. “Host
foods act as a powerful prompt to purchase by consumers,” she says.
The company also launched Marmite Love Potions - mini heart-shaped pots in a net - to encourage people to carry it with them on picnics and even when they go abroad.
Although the majority of golden syrup sold is for baking, 57% of consumers use it as a spread on foods such as pancakes or spreads [TNS Family Food Panel]. To meet this demand, Lyle’s has introduced Golden Spread in a 350g glass jar with a less runny texture, which makes it easier to handle, says Alison Ashman, senior brand manager.
Merchant Gourmet’s Dulce de Leche Mint Toffee variant, introduced last year, also comes in a Squeezee pack, tapping the trend for convenience.