Children's confectionery brand Fruit Pastilles is targeting adults for the first time in its 40 year history with a new TV ad campaign. A £2m relaunch programme, based around black humour, is aimed at a considerably older age group than the sweets' previous Search for the Rowntree' campaign. Brand owner Nestlé Rowntree said the approach followed research showing that adults account for around half the brand's consumers. Aimed at getting grown-ups to reappraise the brand, the new ads feature situations where a Fruit Pastille can encourage or soothe. But things don't quite go as planned. In one ad, a father cheers his son up by telling him a pastille will guarantee a pass in his medical exams. The lad is seen years later wearing a white coat ­ but he is serving in a fish and chip shop. In the other, a woman comforts a friend whose husband has left her with debts by telling her the sweet will guarantee his return. The doorbell rings but, instead of her recalcitrant spouse, it's the bailiffs come to repossess her fridge. {{P&P }}