Sainsbury's and Asda have converted their own-label squash drinks to double-strength concentrates to reduce packaging and offer shoppers better value.

Thirty own-label squash drinks were switched to double strength at Sains­bury's outlets across the UK this week. The retailer has reduced the sugar content by 10% in each product and improved the flavour of some concentrates.

"The double-strength formula gives consumers more servings per bottle so it lasts longer and is better value for money," said a spokeswoman. "It will have great environmental implications with less packaging, less waste and fewer trucks on the roads."

Sainsbury's has also added strawberry, raspberry & cherry and lime flavours to its range, which now sells at 81p for a 750ml bottle, £1.46 for 1.5 litres and £2.43 for three litres.

Meanwhile, Asda has converted 14 of its own-label squashes to double strength. It started introducing the new products in April and the national roll-out was expected to be completed this week.

"In terms of our sustainability goals, it makes sense to introduce double-strength squashes," said a spokesman. "People get the same amount of drink but use less packaging."

Asda is selling its 2-litre apple & blackcurrant drink and its 1.5-litre bottles of other flavours for £1.50.

The move comes at a tough time for own-label soft drinks. Volume sales fell 7.6% to 1.1 million litres [TNS 52w/e 22 March 2009]. Brands rose 4.8% to 1.9 million litres.

Tesco replaced its own-label squash range with a double-concentrate product in April last year.