Aldi has significantly increased the number of products it will offer this year, as it promises customers they can do their full Christmas shop in its stores. A 6.5kg whole cured jamon joint complete with stand and knife (£50) is an impressive, good-value product.

That aside, there’s an emphasis on British provenance. Aldi is looking to almost double sales of its Norfolk-reared fresh Roly-Poly turkeys; last year it sold over 7,000. It is also bringing back its frozen four-bird roast and adding a fresh three-bird roast.

In its gift range Aldi will offer a £30 turntable capable of turning old vinyl into mp3 files. It will also stock one of the most expensive products it has ever offered: an HD camera suitable for helmet mounting and capturing extreme sports action.

A microwaveable Irish coffee set may also prove popular for the winter.

Star product: Whole cured jamon.

Verdict: Exotic lines and clear value-for-money message.