From budget to fun to luxury, Sainsbury’s has a vast array of Easter treats for a year of Easter egg hunts grand enough to make up for the past two years of watered-down celebrations.

All of Sainsbury’s own brand Easter eggs are now plastic-free, removing 4.6 tonnes of plastic from its range.

Products will be in stores on 15 February unless otherwise stated

Blonde Chocolate Drizzle Egg

Sainsburys 10166063_T1


Sainsbury’s is aiming to bring blonde chocolate into the mainstream with its blonde chocolate egg, hand-drizzled with Belgian white, milk and dark chocolate. For those yet to try it, blonde chocolate is made by heating white choocolate over a low heat until it caramelises to create a buttery, toffee-like sweetness.


By Sainsbury’s On the Go Easter Bunny Snack – Carrots & Chocolate Flavoured Houmous

Sainsbury's bunny snacks


Is there anything Sainsbury’s won’t purée and blend into a houmous? This chickpea & carrot houmous comes packed with chocolate too. Part of the on the go range, this vegan-friendly snack will also be included in the supermarket’s £3.50 meal deal. It will roll out on 7 March.


Belgian White & Blonde Chocolate Marble Egg

Sainsburys 10054303_T1


At the premium end of Sainsbury’s egg range is this Belgian white & blonde chocolate creation. The two types of chocolate are marbled together to create a spectacularly swirled hollow egg that, while looking like a kitchen worktop, won’t do the same damage to your teeth. 


by Sainsbury’s The Yolkers Lips

Sainsbury's 0000000446365_T1


Why should animation belong to toy potatoes? Sainsbury’s demonstrates the concept works perfectly well on chocolate eggs too. The Yolkers Lips is a white chocolate Easter egg with pink lips for that sweet chef’s kiss of decoration.


Belgian Dark Chocolate Drizzle Egg

Sainsburys 10166062_T1


A Belgian dark chocolate egg hand-drizzled with blonde, Belgian milk and Belgian white chocolate, plus a hint of colour for good measure. 


by Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Speckled Egg Slab

Sainsbury's 00445504_T1


Nothing says comfort quite like caramel and chocolate. This Milk Chocolate Speckled Egg Slab features a whimsical decorative swirl topped and coated with micro eggs and salted caramel chunks. 


The Good Egg 



An egg cross section that has become a feature of Sainsbury’s 2022 range. This one features a Belgian milk chocolate hollow egg with a white chocolate and yellow ‘yolk’ decoration layer on the surface. 


By Sainsbury’s Cookies & Cream Front Loaded Egg

Sainsbury's 0000000378925_T1


As well as dissecting its eggs, Sainsbury’s has gone loud and proud with decoration adorning the exterior of its eggs, rather than fillings hidden on the inside. This Cookies & Cream Front Loaded Egg is infused with cookie and caramel pieces. With its novelty packaging, the retailer suggests these eggs are perfect for gifting. 


Belgian Milk Chocolate Drizzle Egg

Sainsburys 10166061_T1


A Belgian milk chocolate egg hand-drizzled with blonde, Belgian dark and Belgian white chocolate.


By Sainsbury’s Egg-stra Chocolatey Fried Egg Slab



“Quirky, fun and a great alternative to a traditional Easter egg,” says Sainsbury’s of its fried egg slab. The decorative white and milk chocolate bar is sure to appeal to a younger demographic with its pastel-coloured packaging.


Belgian Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Egg



One for the dessert lovers, Sainsbury’s has transformed the traditional coffee-based after dinner favourite into a posh egg. It’s a hand decorated Belgian milk chocolate example, with Brazilian coffee, cacao and cocoa nibs, and a Belgian white chocolate stripe.


By Sainsbury’s The Yolkers Moustache

Sainsbury's 0000000446358_T1


Jumping on the trend to add chocolate orange flavours to ranges wherever possible, The Yolkers Moustache Egg is a fun one to bring joy to a kids’ Easter egg hunt. A traditional hollow milk centre with a bright orange moustache decoration. 


By Sainsbury’s Speckled Egg Brownie Kit

Sainsburys 00451215_T1


If Easter eggs aren’t gooey enough, the retailer wants to offer a sweeter option, with a seasonal Speckled Egg Brownie Kit to add to its cake mixes range. Loaded with chocolate eggs, this is designed to become the ultimate Easter centrepiece while entertaining kids at home for the holidays. 


Belgian Dark Chocolate & Italian Orange Egg

Sainsburys 10054302_T1


A 56% Belgian dark chocolate egg with Italian candied orange peel inclusions and orange drizzled decoration.


By Sainsbury’s Berry Biscuit Front Loaded Egg

Sainsbury's 00378918_T1


The Berry Biscuit Front Loaded Egg puts a crunchy texture atop the egg to make it that bit more exciting. 


By Sainsbury’s Hot Cross Bun Kit

Sainsburys 00452182_T1


The hot cross bun is a staple of Easter and spring and another opportunity to busy little hands and connnect them to their food. Plus, they’re a great way to introduce picky eaters to raisins.