Chilled whole lobsters for £7? Who else but Aldi, which describes the price point as “aggressive”. It can afford to be confident: it sold 550 lobster tails an hour last year so this time around it’s doubled its order and introduced whole ones from Canada, which will be offered pre-cooked and chilled. The discounter is also attempting to steal more of the main event, ordering 4,500 fresh free-range turkeys from Rumburgh Farm in Suffolk, which will be “hand plucked and hung for 10 days”, packaged in super-smart premium packaging and sold with a USA-style pop-up timer. It’s also offering five varieties of smoked salmon, twice-cooked soufflés, a wide range of charcuterie and premium-looking party food. 

Verdict: It wants its biggest Christmas ever and there is nothing to suggest it won’t get it. 

Star product: Every retailer has pinched Aldi’s trick of a whole leg of Serrano ham over the last two years, so Aldi has launched a mini ham to accompany the full size leg, bundled with a mini stand and knife, for £12.99