Blonde chocolate has established itself as the trend of Easter 2022 among the retailers’ own label ranges. Made by heating white choocolate over a low heat until it caramelises to create a buttery, toffee-like sweetness, blonde chocolate is cropping up time and again as the new high-end treat, usurping ruby chocolate and snapping at the heels of chocolate orange flavours.

Waitrose has placed a lot of emphasis on new and exciting flavours and recipe ideas for its hot cross bun range, in a bid to inspire consumers to try them in new ways beyond the typical toasted with butter.

White Chocolate and Lemon Hot Cross Buns



An Easter treat with a zesty twist, these hot cross buns are made with chunks of indulgent white Belgian chocolate and zingy lemon zest for the ultimate sweet and sour toasted bun.


No.1 Delectable Duo Eggs



Each of the dark, milk and white chocolate eggs is half solid chocolate and half filling. Flavours include: No.1 Dominican Republic single origin dark chocolate with orange ganache and Belgian white chocolate with pistachio pieces; blonde chocolate filled with caramel and fleur de sel and No.1 Dominican Republic single origin milk chocolate with feuilletine wafer pieces; and No.1 Dominican Republic single origin milk chocolate with hazelnut praline and No.1 Dominican Republic single origin dark chocolate with caramelised hazelnut nibs. They are made with Fairtrade cocoa. 


Easter Egg Drip Cake



A chocolate sponge cake filled and coated with chocolate buttercream and drizzled with chocolate-flavoured icing, then hand decorated with sugar-coated chocolate eggs, it was designed and made exclusively for Waitrose by the Fiona Cairns bakery.


Hot Cross Brioche Buns



These soft and buttery, fruit-free crossed rolls are designed to inspire new eating occasions for the hot cross bun, may it be an Easter brunch, eggs benedict or spring barbecue.


Sunny Side Sam



Made with white chocolate, this little anthropomorphic fried egg friend is decidedly cute and designed for Easter gifting. 


No.1 Hidden Truffles Blonde Chocolate Easter Egg



An indulgent Easter egg made of on-trend caramelised white chocolate with feuilletine and fleur de sel, with a secret box of four salted caramel truffles hidden underneath in the pack.


Triple Chocolate Hot Cross Buns



For those who don’t like dried fruits, these hot cross buns are made without the raisins – instead, the chocolate dough contains rich chunks of dark and milk Belgian chocolate.


Salted Caramel Carrots



These ‘carrots’ are made with orange-coloured (but not flavoured) white chocolate with a salted caramel filling. 


No.1 Easter Chocolate Edition



This No.1 Dominican Republic single origin milk and dark chocolate and Belgian white chocolate collection has lime, raspberry, passionfruit and salted caramel fillings.


Sticky Toffee Hot Cross Buns



For those with a serious sweet tooth, this sticky toffee pudding style hot cross bun is made with dates, caramel toffee chunks and raisins.


Heston from Waitrose The Golden Apple



A shimmering blonde chocolate apple disguising a layer of thick, dark chocolate inside, with six crunchy praline feuilletine chocolates.