As with many of its competitors, Lidl is looking to boost its provenance credentials with more British-sourced products this Christmas. But it’s not dismissing its German roots entirely – it will continue to offer competitively priced traditional German Christmas favourites such as stollen and lebkuchen, and a well-presented mulled wine.

Lidl’s Deluxe range will see an increased number of lines including Scottish hot smoked salmon, a mixed tin of wasabi, chilli and roasted almonds, a pork pie topped with cranberries, Scottish mussels in tomato and chorizo sauce, granola gingerbread, salted caramel sauce and salmon roe.

The discounter will also be offering a prepared whole British duck with pork, apricot and orange stuffing, a beef wellington with a merlot and brandy jus, and a pheasant, partridge and quail three-bird roast.

Lidl’s award-winning Champagne Comte de Brisand will be returning in greater volumes following unprecedented demand last Christmas, a spokeswoman confirmed.

Lidl will also offer a hog roast for the first time – although details are still to be finalised.

Star product: A selection of six ambient French pates including wild boar, duck and truffle and venison for £3.99.

Verdict: A diverse and ambitious catalogue. Will the more exotic items tempt regular Lidl customers?