From marinating the spiciest wings to grilling the sauciest ribs, American ‘pitmasters’ take barbecuing so seriously that it has led to week-long festivals and reality TV shows. That’s where Tesco has drawn inspiration for its latest own-label brand Fire Pit, which aims to make it easy for Brits to release their inner grill-seeker. Here’s our pick of the range


Chicken and Maple Hot Dog Sausages



These hot dog-style sausages are made with chicken thighs and flavoured with classic North American barbecue flavours: maple, smoked salt, chilli and paprika. 

Truffle Flavour Mayo 



“Perfect for chargrilled steaks,” says Tesco, this black truffle flavoured mayo is made with porcini mushroom powder. 

Spanish Chorizo Sausages

Tesco Fire Pit Chorzo Sausages


Among the Americana, Tesco has still managed to cater to Brits’ love of chorizo. These cured sausages are medium-sized and come in a pack of six, ready to pop on the grill. 

Chilli & Lime Salmon Kebabs 



A lighter option among the traditional barbecue meat feast, this pack of four skinless salmon fillets is marinated with sweet chilli and lime for a spicy, sweet and sour flavour. 

’The Hot One’ Sauce 



One of three new marinade packs hitting Tesco shelves for summer, The Hot One brings heat to red meat with habanero chillies and lime, The Sweet One is teriyaki flavoured with soy, ginger purée and honey for lamb and veggies, and The Smoky One marries chipotle and red peppers for flavouring chicken. 

Hickory BBQ Pork Kebabs 

Tesco Fire Pit 4 Hickory BBQ Pork Kebabs


No BBQ range can be complete without hickory. These pork shoulder chunks are marinated in smoked salt, garlic and tomato, on sticks for easy, garden party grabbing. 

Burger Sauce 



A cupboard staple in the US, Tesco’s take on the classic burger sauce combines gherkins, dill and mustard, resulting in a creamy topping for, well, burgers. 

Lamb Burgers 



Offering something slightly different to the usual sea of beefburgers at a barbie, these lamb burgers are simply seasoned with salt, onion and pepper. 


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