There are some big questions hanging over Easter this year, and it’s not just “is the Easter bunny real?”. In the midst of the uncertainty, Waitrose has launched a range of new goodies it hopes will delight shoppers, even it’s a quieter affair than they had hoped for. Here’s our pick of the range

Heston Mocha Coffee Hot Cross Buns



Hot off the Heston range, these buns are made of brioche dough combined with dates, chunks of chocolate, plump sultanas and, of course, coffee.


Chocolate Pomegranate



The chocolate lemon launched last year went down a treat, so Waitrose has decided to expand its chocolate fruit bowl with a pomegranate. “Sweet, sharp and fruity”, the pom is made with caramelised white chocolate with a pomegranate flavour. 


No.1 Hidden Truffles Chocolate Easter Egg



There are three variants of this single-origin cocoa chocolate egg heading to Waitrose: Milk Chocolate is made with 49% cocoa milk chocolate and comes with four No.1 Champagne Truffles, Dark Chocolate is made with 65% cocoa dark chocolate and comes with four No.1 Dark Chocolate Truffles and Nutty Milk is made with 49% cocoa milk chocolate with fleur de sel and almonds and comes with four No.1 Salted Caramel Truffles.


Bunny Half-eggs



These bunnies get even sweeter when you realise they’re filled with chocolate ganache. Waitrose says these half-eggs are “ideal for Easter hunts in the garden”. 


White Chocolate Squiggle Egg



This artistic white chocolate egg is hand-decorated by expert chocolatiers in Ireland, making each one unique and “using only the finest ingredients”. 


Milk Chocolate Hen



“The star of any Easter table”, says Waitrose, this hollow chocolate hen comes with mini speckled eggs to sit amongst.