Nestlé has brought back Ian Botham as Shredded Wheat spokesman in an updated version of the Can you eat three?' ad. Bernard Matthews is launching fresh versions of children's frozen turkey products Dinosaurs and Drummers this month. Mixed berry is the newest flavour in SmithKline Beecham's Lucozade Sport isotonic still drink range. Kellogg's Coco Pops airs an interactive TV ad campaign from April 17, where kids can vote for their favourite ending via a website or freephone number. Britvic Soft Drinks brings out a reformulated Diet Tango Orange from April 17. Bestfoods has linked with Aldo Zilli to run a promotion on cans of Napolina tomatoes. Consumers can win Zilli's cookbook or a dinner party cooked by Zilli. Tim's Dairy has launched an organic version of its BIYO yogurt drink. Soller is spending £1.2m on promotional activity to support the launch of Popz, a new microwave popcorn which comes in butter, salt and 50% fat free variants. {{P&P }}