GlaxoSmithKline puts its Panadol ActiFast painkiller on air next week in a £2m TV campaign. The company said the new advert was based on the idea of getting caught out while doing something quite unexpected. Mum is caught out when she dresses up to flirt with the man next door, thinking that her headache-stricken daughter is in too much pain to notice as she waits for her usual tablets to take effect. However, her daughter recovers more quickly than usual after taking ActiFast and catches Mum making inappropriate gestures through the window. The three-week campaign breaks throughout the UK on Monday (November 12) and on selected satellite channels, including BSkyB which also offers viewers the chance to take part in an interactive competition using the latest TV technology. The first airing of the ad has already been supported by a fortnight's national poster campaign featuring giant packs and the brand's "twice as fast" catchline. ActiFast was launched during the summer with GSK claiming the "first major development" in paracetamol tablets since solubles. The company claims the newcomer differs from its predecessors by combining paracetamol and the "optimum amount" of sodium bicarbonate for rapid absorption into the bloodstream. Rsp; £2.39 for 16, £1.39 for eight. {{P&P }}