Fairy ad

P&G launches new version of ad in wake of ASA ruling

Procter & Gamble has ramped up the TV ad campaign for its Fairy brand following its ASA victory over rival Persil.

Last week, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled an ad from last year claiming Fairy lasted as long as two bottles of an “unnamed rival” - easily identifiable as Persil - was not misleading. McBride, which owns the licence to market Persil in the UK, had complained it was.

P&G this week launched a new version of the TV ad, which includes a new ‘1=2’ end sequence.

“Following the ruling, we’re dialling up our marketing and communications around Fairy and the compelling value claim we have behind it,” said a P&G spokesman.

“In today’s market, there is a temptation to focus on the narrowest interpretation on value when everything around us seems to be screaming price. The ‘lasts twice as long’ marketing programme on ‘Fairyconomy’ is a great example of how we are seeking to reframe value on our brands for people. We have absolute faith in our science and the performance of our products and we want to show everyone just why they should be choosing P&G brands.”

P&G claimed its sales figures showed the campaign was working. For the six months ending August 2013, it said IRI data showed Fairy’s value share was up 3.7 points to 67.6%.

“It’s working and we’re confident it will continue to work in the latest push following the ASA ruling and all the attention that gave to our claim,” the spokesman added.