Waitrose is launching premium farm assured milk on Monday ­ and pegging the new lines in its 121 stores at its normal retail price of 26p a pint. The range of full fat, semi skim and skimmed milk will be marketed in screw top cartons under the Waitrose Select Farm Milk label. The milk fixtures in store are being changed to give more space to liquid milk, with bolder colours and modern graphics. Even though liquid milk is a purchase to which consumers pay little attention when buying, focus group feedback requested some information about the farms the milk comes from to read at table. The product is the result of a three way partnership between Waitrose, Unigate and the producers. The milk will come from a pool of farms across the south Midlands and southern counties. Producers will receive a bonus of at least 0.2ppl, while further top up payments have been promised from a fund generated by sales. {{PROVISIONS }}