Discount chain Kwik Save has launched it first national promotion of meat and fresh produce. Three deals are featured in the chain's latest leaflets and press ads. Consumers in England and Wales are being offered bone-in legs of pork for 99p/lb, while those in Scotland are being offered silverside beef at £1.99/lb. At the same time all stores are selling French Golden Delicious apples at 69p for a pack of seven. The deals are significant because they are a further sign of how far the chain's new management has come in rebuilding relationships with the concessionaires who operate the meat, produce and deli areas in its stores. Kwik Save says these retail partners will now play a big role in its strategy for turning around the chain ­ a major change in attitude to that which prevailed in the wake of the takeover of the business by Somerfield. Commercial director Nigel Broadhurst said the new promotion marked a "major step change" for Kwik Save as it put in a full offer to include meat and produce. "This is a co-ordinated marketing campaign with our instore partners and ourselves and I am very pleased about it," he said. "It was quite a logistical process to bring everybody together. "We have a promotions group which pulled it together with our retail partners and then rolled it out. The big thing is that the partners are committed to this and are making it happen ­ and we are able to put it in our national marketing campaign." {{NEWS }}