Pasta sauce brand Sacla' is getting a new look, new variants and a £1.5m promotional support package. It has ditched its sub brand Pastagusto to focus solely on improving the image and visibility of the Sacla' brand. Sacla' has upgraded the quality of its ingredients and packaging has been redesigned with a brighter label. The range includes five pesto sauces ­ classic, red, organic, black olive, chargrilled aubergine and roasted red pepper pesto ­ and five sauces for pasta: olive & tomato, spicy pepper & tomato, sundried tomato & garlic, tomato & mascarpone and mushroom & marsala wine. Director of marketing Claudia Terleski said the new ad campaign ­ Truly Madly Deeply ... Italian' ­ aims to give the brand more personality, particularly among male potential purchasers. Ads run from September to December in newspapers, on six sheet posters and trolleys, backed by a money off coupon mailing and a bogof of black olive pesto/tomato & mascarpone sauce for pasta. {{P&P }}