Lidl checkout staff

Lidl has raised entry level hourly pay for store workers outside the M25, from £10.90 to £11, effective from this month.

It’s the third rise for Lidl store workers in 18 months, and makes Lidl the joint top-paying supermarket nationally alongside Aldi and Sainsbury’s, who also pay £11 an hour. However, hourly paid Asda workers have two rises on the way this year. Asda’s current national rate, of £10.10, will rise to £11 from 2 April and £11.11 from 2 July.

Inside the M25 Lidl’s rate is unchanged at £11.95 an hour, putting it behind Aldi, which currently pays £12.45 an hour in London.

The rise at Lidl is part of £13m investment in increasing pay this month, which also covers salaried roles.

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Lidl last bumped up wages for hourly paid staff in October of last year.

It comes alongside a shuffling of Lidl GB’s c-suite executives.