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Staff are being given discounts of 40% off Superdrug own-brand products

Superdrug and Savers are to allow staff to choose when they get paid, as part of a package of measures to help workers through the cost of living crisis.

The sister retailers have partnered with the ‘financial wellbeing’ app Wagestream to let staff track their shifts and earnings in real time, support them in budgeting and saving and “give them the power to choose when to get paid with its flexible pay feature”.

It follows a similar move by Asda, which partnered with Wagestream earlier this month to let staff see how much they have earned throughout the pay period and access up to 50% of their earned pay in advance.

Superdrug has also introduced new staff discounts, as well as providing a second app, hosted by Aviva, to give employees access to a free digital GP, mental health and nutritional consultations, and an annual health check.

The staff discounts include 40% off Superdrug own brand products on top of the always-on staff discount of 30% and 10%.

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Four times a year, staff can also claim 20% off branded products, while their family and friends can benefit from a 30% discount on Superdrug own brand.

Employees can also claim 50% off Superdrug mobile SIM plans, among other discounts, through Superdrug’s Benefit Hub discount portal. In addition, they can benefit from a 30% discount with Superdrug’s Health Clinics across a range of vaccines.

“The health and happiness of our team members is so important to us, and we want to do all that we can to support and encourage a happy and healthy life to everyone at Superdrug and Savers,” said Amy Davies, people director at Superdrug and Savers’ parent company A.S.Watson Health and Beauty UK.

The new benefits are to be rolled out to all team members across the UK throughout 2023, according to the company.