The pear cider category is to get another addition this week with the launch of Thatchers Pear Cider.

The cider, with an rsp of £1.69 for a 500ml bottle, is made from various English pears - predominantly Conference - and is described as having a light, fruity and quintessentially English flavour.

"Pear seems to be flavour of the moment with many pear-flavoured soft drinks and juices emerging," said Martin Thatcher, MD of Thatchers Cider.

"We are expecting another great year in the cider category and we know the market is ready to try something that will make a refreshing alternative to other summer favourites."

Thatchers is hoping the new product will bring new drinkers into the category. The feminine, green-glass bottle should also attract more female consumers, the company said.

Last year both UK-based Brothers Cider and Swedish cider brand Kopparbergs launched pear ciders.