Source: Attensi

The “gamified simulation” marks creator Attensi’s first work with a UK supermarket

Asda is training staff with a smartphone game which simulates a store setting and conversations with customers.

Players find themselves in interactions with both customers and colleagues and must choose from multiple choice responses.

The options are designed to include more than one correct answer, with players challenged to choose the optimal one. In one scenario, a player serving at a till must choose whether to greet a customer with “Would you like some bags?”, “Hey, what’s up?” or “Hi, how’s it going?”

The “gamified simulation” has been introduced as a training tool in 100 stores and marks creator Attensi’s first work with a UK supermarket, having last year made similar games for Itsu and Eat.

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The game “simulates a real Asda store” and “tests the colleagues on how they’d react to different scenarios, hopefully embedding the principles of excellent customer service”, according to a spokeswoman for the supermarket.

“The feedback so far is it has been well-received from stores,” she said. “They’ve really welcomed a new and innovative way of training and the great thing about it is you get a score each time you play. Each store then has a leaderboard so colleagues can compete against each other. Some of our colleagues have been very competitive.”