Food to go giants Eat and Itsu are set to debut a computer game-style training programme across all of their stores in partnership with technology firm Attensi.

Attensi’s ‘gamified’ simulation technology generates virtual workplace scenarios on a smartphone or tablet, tailored specifically to each company. The aim is to train employees how to interact with customers.

It generates results based on how staff react and creates personalised feedback, suggesting which modules the user should improve on. Staff are awarded bronze, silver or gold medals based on performance.

Attensi then analyses the data and provides line managers with a detailed report showing strengths and weaknesses in staff performance on the app.

Companies are able to create, develop and publish content on the Attensi app, allowing them to update training where required.

Eat will roll out the platform across all 100 of its sites in July to ensure staff have the required product knowledge. It will also use the technology to explain the company’s culture, history and future direction.

The simulations create a 3D replica of an Eat branch.

“We are very excited at being the first to market in the UK with Attensi,” said Eat CEO Andrew Walker.

“From the moment we first met I became convinced that this is a game changer for Eat in its quest to deliver the best customer service within the grab and go sector. It’s been a seamless process so far. I look forward to seeing the results.”

Attensi UK MD Krister Kristiansen said: “Leaders across HR, operations and internal communications have all been part of the development, which is a textbook example of how to maximise impact. We are very excited by the imminent launch and will track the results in terms of employee engagement, skill development and sales.”

Itsu is also rolling out Attensi technology across all of its sites in September. Up to 1,500 staff ranging from new recruits to managers will be able to access the app by the end of 2018.

The app is to be updated with new content and modules over the next three years.

Itsu founder Julian Metcalfe said: “Delivering exceptional customer service and the highest quality of food is central to our success. Training staff to do this consistently is incredibly difficult. That is why I am so delighted to partner up with Attensi who deliver an innovative solution that is not only effective but is also fun.”

Attensi UK MD Krister Kristiansen added: “We ensure that people, from day one, are fully supported. We help them learn and master new skills and knowledge so that they can thrive in their roles. The increase in both confidence and performance that we see is quite transformational. It can become a huge asset in the battle to win and keep key staff in a sector which faces recruitment and retention challenges.”

Attensi first launched in the UK in February and has users in over 60 countries. Training is offered in 10 different languages. High-profile clients include Nestlé and Spar International.