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Source: FWD

The biggest change of the relaunch will see a new Standards and Dignity badge introduced

The Federation of Wholesale Distributors and Association of Convenience Stores are relaunching the Standards and Dignity Charter.

It comes as face-to-face working and events ramp up with the nation emerging from the pandemic, the trade bodies said.

The biggest change of the relaunch will see a new Standards and Dignity badge introduced. It aims to make employees of a business that have signed up to the Charter feel reassured that they’ll be mixing with peers who follow the highest standard of conduct.

This will be communicated by placing the Standards and Dignity badge-style logo on ticket confirmations, companies’ websites and email signatures. The FWD, ACS and Women in Wholesale will also be displaying the logo on all event communication and contacting members to invite them to sign up to the new-look charter.

“We are relaunching the Charter as the trade gets back to meeting face to face, to remind everyone that this is a sector where everyone should feel comfortable and supported working, not just with their own colleagues but with partners from other businesses,” said FWD CEO James Bielby.

“Promoting high standards based on common standards with the Standards and Dignity stamp on events can help us to attract and retain the best people to our sector, and for them to feel safe and valued.”

ACS CEO James Lowman said: “It is non-negotiable that people working in our industry need to feel safe and respected all the time they are working. This charter promotes common-sense principles around good behaviour and I’m really pleased businesses running events in the sector and many of the industry’s biggest brands are actively promoting the Charter.”

Women in Wholesale founder Elit Rowland said: “Industry events are an important part of networking and learning, so it’s crucial businesses do their part to make all event-goers feel comfortable and welcome, which in turn creates the inclusive and diverse culture we are striving for. Signing the charter is a demonstration of your commitment to do that.”

The Charter was initially launched in 2019 as a tool to unify the trade on best practice while at events and in the workplace.