russo lvga president

Source: Lea Valley Growers Association

The growers’ group said Jimmy Russo had a ‘wealth of knowledge and an array of experiences in the horticulture industry’

The Lea Valley Growers Association has appointed Jimmy Russo as its new president.

The growers’ group, which is responsible for the production of 75% of the UK cucumber and pepper crops, announced Russo’s appointment by acknowledging his “wealth of knowledge and an array of experiences in the horticulture industry”.

Russo is a director of Valley Grown Salads & Valley Grown Nurseries and has served on the executive committee of the association for the past six years and is a director of LVGA.

“My roots are in Lea Valley horticulture, being the British-born child of Italian migrants in the 1950s,” said Russo. “I followed my father into the glasshouse growing business and have remained for over 40 years.”

He was also awarded the Italian equivalent of a knighthood, Cavaliere L’Onorificenza, in 2014 for his work helping the Italian community in England and is a former chairman of Watford Football Club.

“Jimmy’s background in the Lea Valley horticulture industry, coupled with the respect he receives within the industry, will place members in a great position to enjoy continued success as primary salad producers, that the Lea Valley remains the Cucumber Capital of Britain, and is well positioned to take on new opportunities,” said Lee Stiles, secretary of the growers group.