What's your nickname? The Greek! 

Who was your first teenage crush and why? A girl I spotted on the school bus when I was 17 years old. It must have been the right chemistry... we're still together 40 years later. 

When was the first time you got drunk and what did you drink? During a junior lifesavers social on 'Sugar Cane' spirits in the surfboard shed. 

What was the first single you bought? Elvis Presley's 'Hound Dog'. 

What did you want to be when you were a kid? A doctor. 

What was your favourite book? Lutece - 'A day in the Life of America's Greatest Restaurant'. 

What's your favourite movie and why? My wife and I are huge movie goers and so it is extremely difficult to choose one, but if I'm forced to, it's The Godfather 1 and 2. 

What was your worst holiday and why? Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. There was no surf and the resort was only half finished with dodgy services and malfunctioning air conditioning. 

What was the most embarrassing moment in your life? Having to come out of the surf when I lost my baggies after I was wiped out surfing at Sunset Beach in Hawaii. 

Do you have any phobias? No. 

If you could pick a celebrity to join your staff, who would it be and why? Michael Hammer - the 'Guru' on process implementation and execution. 

Who would you most like to sit next to on a plane? Darcy Bussell. 

What would you request as your final meal? Freshly baked artisan sour dough bread baked in a wood-fired, stone-base oven with a platter of Greek Meze. 

What's your favourite junk food? Doner kebab. 

What luxury would you have on your desert island? It would have to be my favourite surfboard. 

What's your biggest regret? Following on from the Peruvian World Surfing Titles in 1965, I never continued on to Hawaii. 

If you could star in a TV programme, which would it be and why? TV Celebrity Baker because I love baking.