What's your favourite restaurant and what do you like about it? Coles in Marlborough. It's only five minutes from home and combines a fun, informal atmosphere with great modern- English cooking.

Do you prefer healthy food or junk food? Healthy, even to the extent that my children, Max and Eva, have never eaten in a fast-food restaurant.

Have you ever sent back or ­complained about a meal? Yes, several times, although not recently. I would always send a meal back if it was cold or if I felt it did not live up to its description on the menu.

What's your favourite tipple? I enjoy Belgian white beers, Butcombe Real Ale and Villa Maria wine.

What would you rescue from your house if it were burning down? Once my wife and children were safe, I would save our family photograph albums.

What's your fantasy car... and what do you drive? The Aston Martin DB9 in Deep Blue with a cream leather interior! I actually drive a Saab 95.

What are you reading at the moment? I am reading a Michael Dobbs thriller and Jung Chang's biography of Mao Tse Tung.

What gadgets do you carry around? I'm not particularly into gadgets but I did buy a portable satnav recently. I stopped using my Blackberry several years ago when when I realised it was proving to be too intrusive.

What are your pet hates? People who display a lack of empathy towards others. One of the most frustrating things I have to deal with in my profession is colleagues' inability to understand how people feel in situations.

What's the best holiday you've ever had? We spent three months travelling in New Zealand and Australia last year. The highlight was touring around New Zealand in a camper van.