What is your greatest challenge and how do you deal with it?

Availability and customer service are the biggest challenges we face as no one would be pleased to come into a shop and not be able to buy what they want. We pride ourselves on a good supply chain and a quick turnaround on goods we have ordered. The previous general manager had been here for nine years so a lot of the good routines that were introduced then are still in place.

What makes your store such a success?

The team atmosphere and the knowledge of our staff. A lot of the people who work here have been here a long time and some of the department managers have been here since the store opened 15 years ago, so customers know them and know they will get a friendly conversation from them.

There's a real family atmosphere here because people have been here for so long, which means people are happy.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have two small children who are aged five and eight, which takes up a lot of my time. I play golf and I'm currently training for the London Marathon, which I am doing for Asthma UK, which is Morrisons' charity of the year.

What is the best thing about being a general manager?

I wanted to be a general manager because of the fast pace of the environment. I am working with 430 people in store and I enjoy working with them. There's a great atmosphere and in this job no two days are the same.

What are your plans for the store?

We revamped our health and beauty section in August last year, which has gone down very well. We have added 500 lines to the range to include more premium lines and revamped signage. Looking ahead we plan to grow the business and maintain excellent availability for our customers. We want to grow as much as we can and keep giving good customer service. Also I want to get my first full year as a general manager here under my belt.