Name: Liza Gamblin
Job title: People and development manager
Company: Montezuma’s Chocolates
HQ: Birdham, Chichester, West Sussex
Number of employees: 50 (approx)

What's it like to work for your company? Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get next! Every day is different and exciting.

Why is it a good employer? We genuinely care about all our people. If you work hard then you will always be recognised for that, even if it is just a 'thank you'.

What's the best thing about working there? As clichéd as it sounds, it has to be the people who work here. When we have done staff surveys in the past, teamwork always comes out top for this question.

Does the company offer any unusual benefits? Chocolate and lots of it!

How does the company differ from its rivals? We have Simon and Helen who founded Montezuma's 10 years ago. I feel that they are as passionate about the business now as they were when they started.

Is there a definable company culture? Trading Fairly this is our basic ethos that we apply throughout the business and it is all about being fair to suppliers, customers and staff alike.

If the company were a car what would it be and why? Like a Fiat 500 we are small, quirky, innovative, environmentally friendly and great fun to be in.

What's the training like and what qualifications can I earn? We have regular in-house training sessions covering topics applicable to the business and we actively encourage training suited to the individual's needs. We are in the process of organising our next retail managers' training session. They always enjoy coming to head office and meeting everyone here.

Has the company won any awards? Business of the Year 2009, Sussex Observer.

What's your proudest achievement of the past 12 months? Improving our internal communication. This is an area many companies struggle with as they grow, but we have recognised this as one of our key objectives. I am very proud that we send out our regular newsletter packed with updates throughout the company.

What is the most important or challenging HR issue? With our projected growth we need to ensure that the business is ready for this challenge by creating an infrastructure that can grow with the needs of the business.

Are you looking for any people right now? There are no vacancies at present.

How does one go about applying for a job? Via our website, and we do recruit via online recruitment sites.

What tips would you offer jobseekers? When applying for jobs, please check your CV is up to date and check for spelling errors.

How do I find out more about the company?

Are you, or is the company, working on anything exciting right now? We are coming up for our 10-year anniversary and we are planning some surprise celebrations.