Name: Ray Hanley
Job title: Production director
Company: Ginsters
Sales: £250m at rsp
HQ: Callington
Employees: 750

What's it like to work for your company? Ginsters (a division of Samworth Bros) is a private company and has a very flat structure that gives each individual autonomy and full accountability in their role. Decision-making is extremely quick and this empowers our teams to continually focus on improvement in all we do.

Why is it a good employer? Samworth's core values are PQP (People, Quality & Profit) and these values create a culture of engagement across all levels of the business. We are one of the few companies who continue to encourage new employees to join our attractive final salary pension scheme.

Are there any unusual benefits you offer? Everybody works extremely hard but we also play hard. In 2006 we built a gym on site and introduced Active Workplace, which includes a variety of activities, some of which include surfing, deep sea fishing, cycling and kettlebells, and we have a full-time fitness instructor. Currently our MD is competing with one of our members from the four-nights hygiene team to beat him on the rowing machine.

How does it differ from its rivals? We have a very strong brand, market share is at a record high and we continue to extend the gap with our rivals. We constantly look for the next big thing and when this is identified we make it happen quickly. Staff retention is high and we have little requirement for temporary labour. Our local sourcing strategy also gives us an additional competitive advantage.

If the company were a car what would it be and why? If Ginsters were a car it would be a Bugatti Veyron fast, furious, high quality and best in class!

Has the company won any awards? BITC Rural Action Award 2009, BITC Healthy Workplace Award 2009, and the Cornwall Sustainability Award 2008.

What's your proudest achievement over the last 12 months? At Ginsters we are passionate about our environmental credentials and continually look at how we can reduce our impact on the environment. We have our IPPC licence and have our ISO14001 audit every six months, which is an internationally recognised audit that focuses on our impact on the environment. This year we identified a solution to convert all our waste streams into energy (electricity). As a result this removes the need for land fill and reduces our carbon footprint by 22%.

What is the most important or challenging HR issue at the moment? Our van sales operation has 15 depots and 150 vans across the UK serving more than 7,000 customers a year. Rather than a delivery person our vans have van sales reps who are actually filling the role of mini managing directors as they have full autonomy for sales performance of their van.