Phil on Ben I have worked with Ben since 2003, when we recruited him to manage the Cranks brand that we had just bought. After an exhausting assessment day he was still full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm and was the unanimous choice for the role. My first impressions were of a really determined, professional and strategic marketer. Ben is responsible for the development of the brands we either own or handle on behalf of brand owners such as Nando's, Cranks and Pizza Express. He is focused, determined and manages his time well. However, he sometimes uses marketing jargon when he doesn't need to - deciding to 'rationalise' the contents of the fridge, which went down well in the office. The best thing about working together is that we operate differently. I make decisions based on gut instinct, whereas Ben will take a strategic approach. As a result, we tend to look at problems from a number of angles before discussing the options, which makes the end result more successful. Ben on Phil My first impressions of Phil were that he was passionate, honest and had great commercial knowledge, which he has demonstrated many times in the four years we have worked together. Phil is our leader but he never shirks the more menial responsibilities. He is able to spot clutter and is always willing to wash up or put the bins out. Funnily enough, Phil is colour-blind, which is interesting when you are a marketer, and he has been known to be uncertain as to whether he is drinking red or white wine. He is good with numbers and enjoys analysing data, but he also has a great deal of energy and an infectious enthusiasm. Perhaps this is his weakness, but as a result, he has been known to talk non-stop. The best thing about working together is that Phil's honesty is so refreshing, and this in turn contributes to an open and effective working relationship. His real strength is that he achieves a great work-life balance and will always put his family first. This isn't always easy to do when you are running a business that is in a dramatic growth phase.