Shift production manager William McBride (right) works under recipe dish factory manager Richard McGowan at convenience food manufacturer Greencore's chilled ready meals site in Kiveton, South Yorkshire

Richard on William

Willie has been here 16 years, and was really good to me when I first started three years ago. We got on well more or less straightaway. Initially I learned a lot from him about how it all works here at Kiveton and we became friends right at the start.

There's about 60 people working during every shift but the whole work ethic here is relaxed and friendly and I think that helps us through the day. I couldn't do my job without Willie and this whole company is only as good as the people on the shop floor. I trust him and I know that when he speaks to staff, they listen.

We are friends outside work and occasionally go to the pub together and have been to the dog track. We don't go out together all the time but we have fun when we do. Our whole work relationship is about being comfortable with each other and that's what counts.

William on Richard

I probably spend at least two or three hours of my working day with Richard as our jobs run closely together. When Richard took up his role at Greencore three years ago, it was the beginning of a new era for the facility because we had just combined two separate production units into one.

We got on quite well to begin with, I learnt a lot from him about management and he was really supportive right from the start.

Our work partnership is very important because we often have to go into the production area together so that I have support when we have major new product launches or develop possible new ways of working. This allows us to figure things out together.

Our friendship is important to other staff too. Richard comes on to the floor and they know from seeing the way we are with each other that they can talk to us.

Our working day would be a lot harder if we didn't get on. We chat about every kind of topic, ranging from family life and sports to work.

Essentially our working life comes down to excellent communication. I think if we didn't communicate well, our working day would be a lot harder.