Name: Philip Almond
Was: Global brand director for Baileys at Diageo
Now: Director of marketing and audiences at the BBC
Years in grocery: 17

Career background: Almond’s career kicked off in the late 1980s, with the marketer undertaking a number of different roles in arts administration, advertising and marketing. In 1994, he joined Diageo, where he oversaw the launch of Smirnoff Ice, in addition to nursing the company’s drinks portfolio through the Grand Met Guinness merger. After six years, he became GB & Ireland marketing director at Burger King, which was then owned by Diageo. In 2003, he switched back to the company’s drinks portfolio becoming senior vice president of global marketing at Smirnoff. Three years later he took up the post of GB marketing director for Diageo and in 2009 he became global brand director at Baileys. Almond left Diageo in late 2011 as part of a wider business restructure.

What is he doing now? In June 2012, he took on the role of director of marketing and audiences at the BBC. Almond is the broadcaster’s most senior marketer, responsible for all the BBC’s on-screen, on-air and external marketing.

Biggest achievement in grocery? Almond was part of the team that launched Smirnoff Ice in the 1990s. The drink quickly found favour with Brits and kick-started the RTD revolution.

What does the future hold? The Beeb’s budget has been slashed radically in recent years, which has had a knock-on effect on the broadcaster’s ability to produce the kind of programming for which it’s renowned worldwide. Despite the financial constraints, the BBC continues to churn out hit TV shows, such as Sherlock and Doctor Who, which gives marketing veteran Almond plenty of material to work with.